Drive more direct bookings with automated,
personalised outreach

Weedle is an AI guest engagement system that uses your data to
write engaging, multi-touch emails in minutes

Is Weedle for you?

Are you a hotel or resort that is looking to drive more return bookings from prior guests?

If so, Weedle is built to help you achieve your goals. Weedle analyzes your guests' prior behaviour and uses conversational AI to re-engage your guests with personalized,
human-sounding messages.

Like a booking agent that remembers every guest and can speak to them all, simultaneously.

How it works

Weedle has the ability to have highly personalized conversations with your prior guests using the latest conversational AI technology. Enabling you to have high quality, one on one conversations with thousands of prior guests at the same time.


Import, Validate and Evaluate Guest Profiles

Target the ideal persona with the right messaging, tone and
structure to create highly-engaging sequences built to generate more bookings


Feature-rich Guest CRM

Easily review your guests' stay history, demographics, marketing engagement, post-stay survey responses, lifetime spend and much more


Automatically assign guests to marketing campaigns

No need to create and configure dozens of campaigns! Weedle automatically assigns your prior guests to dozens of off-the-shelf campaigns, just review the settings and you're ready to go in a few clicks.


Engage guest with highly personalized messages

Weedle uses prior guest behaviour, information about your
property and the latest conversational AI to write highly
personalised, human-sounding emails that drive the highest
engagement rates


Take bookings & book follow-up calls

Take direct bookings from inside your emails with embedded links and allow guests that need more help to schedule follow-up calls with your bookings team.


Ever improving data

The more you use Weedle, the more information you have on your guests behaviour and the more your return booking rates improve


Personalized AI vs Branded Email Marketing Report

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